Flawless ♥ Disney: On Hiatus
The title says it all, I guess. I have a lot on my plate this year and unfortunately when it comes to priorities in my life, Flawless Disney is at the bottom of the list. So, until I get things sorted and I feel like making disney graphics again (to be honest, I haven't been in the Disney spirit since Christmas. I won't go into details) this blog will be on indefinite hiatus.

It'll be back soon! Thank you for all the support. :)

 Sweet Nightingale(s)

Archimedes: Are you all right? We’ve been everywhere looking for you.
Jane: Oh, my goodness! Daddy! I was out walking. I was— Little baby monkey. I drew a picture. Suddenly the monkey starts crying.
Archimedes: Oh, poor thing.
Jane: I turned ‘round and there’s a whole fleet of them!
Archimedes: Of what?
Jane: There’s an army of monkeys.
Clayton: Monkeys? Monkeys!
Jane: A huge tree full of them. Screaming at me! Ooo-ooo-ooo!
Archimedes: That’s Theripithicusbaboonus. She’s very good at this.
Jane: Terrified I was. And suddenly, I was swinging in the vines up in the air.
Archimedes: With the monkeys, yes?                 
Jane: Swinging, flying. I was in the air.
Archimedes: In the air, yes, I know.                
Jane: And I’m all surrounded.
Archimedes: What did you do?
Jane: And Daddy, they took my boot.
Archimedes: They took.. Those are the ones I bought you.
Jane: And I was saved! I was saved by a flying wild man in a loincloth.
Archimedes: Loincloth? Good Lord.
Clayton: What is she talking about? 

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